Briana Sutton Art

The natural world around me has an instinctive connection to my thoughts. Lines make up a web of interaction between form and space. Repetition of form and pattern in nature create a rhythm that plays over and over in my head. This rhythm becomes like a heartbeat that gives the work life. All these elements combine and a fabricated reality is born on paper. An environment is developed; a place of escape and contemplation. I wander through the paintings as I would in nature, allowing thoughts to flow freely. I often become lost in these false worlds, but have found myself through them. Emotions experienced with natural events fuel vast shifts from serenity to suffocation. These places should be explored and experienced individually, each a journey through my mind. Initially atmospheric backdrops, the pieces are built upon in a responsive, reflexive manner. My hand and body move about the paper, reflective of the movement and fluidity of nature. Transparency of the material allows all to be seen. Its’ organic sensation embodies the world around me. Constantly changing, the medium mirrors the events I encounter in nature. These anomalies are what intrigue me daily and take me back to a place of childhood. I am transported to a world of exploration and imagination; a place of endless possibilities.